Sunday, March 23, 2014

Wedding Witnesses

We had the opportunity to attend a small wedding in the Bishop’s office in the Teaoreke Ward on Friday evening, 28 Feb. The girl, Teeba, is Marinoa’s (the librarian) niece.  Teeba is a member but her friend, Taike, is not. He has been taking the lessons and will be baptized next week, but since they have been living together, they needed to get married first. Marinoa had asked Sister Youngberg if she could make a wedding cake but she couldn’t and asked if I could.  I haven’t decorated a cake in years but I did the best I could.  I used what tips Sister Youngberg had which weren’t much but it turned out OK.  The ceremony was small only the couple, Marinoa, the missionaries, and us.  We ended up being the witnesses and had to sign several forms.  Weddings are always special no matter the circumstance.  There was such a sweet spirit in the Bishop’s office, although we didn’t understand a word that was said.  Of course afterwards there was lots of food, a few more guests a lot of fun and laughter sharing advice with the newlyweds. They made sure to speak in English which always helps to enjoy whatever the event is.