Thursday, January 24, 2013


 When we started packing we were planning on taking two suitcases each but then we had heard some nightmare stories of how much it was going to cost us to get our luggage to Tarawa.  We are only allowed one bag at 50 lbs. once we leave the states and after checking with the airlines we realized that Air New Zealand was going to charge us $70 each for the extra bags.  That isn't too bad but then Air Pacific charges $10 per kilo from Aukland, New Zealand to Fiji and another $15 per kilo from Fiji to Tarawa.  One extra bag was going to cost us about $700, which is way too much for us. Rich began putting as much as we could in seal a meal bags to take all of the air out.  That way we could get more in our suitcases but we still have to keep the weight to 50 lbs.  So we decided to ship everything else, which is mostly food products that we will not be able to purchase there. The large flat rate boxes only cost $15.45 each, much cheaper that paying per kilo.


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