Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Buying Eggs

It has been raining for two days now and it’s our turn to go buy eggs.  We borrowed Elder Youngberg’s truck and made our way to the “Egg Lady.” When the kids are here on campus she comes and delivers eggs to the school cafeteria and to us, but with no kids we have to go get them. The rain was coming in buckets and they were still gathering eggs, so I waited in the truck while Rich stood in the rain with an umbrella waiting.  I felt sorry for the poor chickens.  They had tried to cover their cages but they were getting soaked. The eggs are now $.60 each or $7.20 a doz.  Some are very small and some are huge.  We even had a double yolk once. 

We are grateful for the rain since we depend on it for all of our water needs.  But without sunshine our solar powered hot water heater doesn’t work.  Our water hasn’t totally turned cold but is now barely warm. It’s been nice to have cooler days, but I also like my warm showers.  Americans – we are never satisfied. 

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