Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Learning Garden (Bishop's Garden Update)

 On March 3, the dedication for The Learning Garden took place.  Elder and Sister Youngberg have worked long and hard to have this project completed before they left to go home.  Several dignitaries were there including the vice president of Kiribati. It was renamed The Learning Garden as it is a place to teach the saints how to garden and become more self reliant.

Elder and Sister Youngberg, left-compost shed, back - manieaba

President Weir and Elder Youngberg taste testing the rock melon (cantelope)
Corn is now a success! It is very good.
We now have large tomatoes.  You have to 'spank' them or shake the stems
so the male and female can pollunate. 

Cutting our first large tomatoes for the feast.

Elder Youngberg visiting with Richard Turley, church historian from SLC,
Stake Pres, and Vice Pres of Kiribati

Richard Turley, Church Historian, Bishop Banimone

Elder Youngberg visiting with Taiwan dignitary and his wife

Our YSA return missionaries are our servers for the feast

Mai Tune cooking the chicken legs for the feast

Dignitaries gather for the welcome and feast

Young girls prepare for the garlanding

Peter and, ??? , enjoying the corn

Elder Youngberg welcoming everyone

Vice president cutting the garland (ribbon)

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