Friday, March 1, 2013

Drive to South Tarawa

Elder and Sister Youngberg, the Humanitarian missionaries,
 took us for a drive to South Tarawa. We stopped at the Buota Ward
Chapel, an open air building.  It was a beautiful setting with a special spirit.

The chapel/cultural hall with classrooms in the back.

                              The baptismal font.

     Typical homes in Tarawa.  In South Tarawa, the
     homes are somewhat larger, and the surroundings
     are much cleaner than other parts of the island.

The roofs are made from woven pandanus leaves.    

South Tarawa Beach.  The water is much cleaner here
and we could possibly go swimming sometime.

    The old Temaiku Chapel. We have been told it is
    rat invested but we didn't go in since they were
    having a baptismal service.   
The new Temaiku chapel, almost complete.

                   The children along side the road.
            The kids here are the cutest and so friendly.

                                     On our way back home we came across a wedding feast.
                                              It would have been fun to stop and check it out.

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