Saturday, March 23, 2013

Principal's Conference in Auckland, New Zealand

After being in Tarawa for only 2 1/2 weeks we went back to Auckland for the Principal's conference.  This included all of the principal's in the church's South Pacific's schools and all of the ITEP (International Teacher Education Program) missionary couples. One can only get into or out of Kiribati twice a week going thru Fiji, so we left on Thurs. Feb. 28 and flew to Suva, Fiji.  Our connecting flight to Auckland wasn't until Mon. Mar. 4 so we had 4 days in Fiji.  WOW!  The first thing we did was go to the Church College of Fiji (really a high school) where we connected with two other ITEP couples, the Osborns and Johnsons. The Osborns quickly took us under their wing and became our chauffers while we were there. We were able to tour the school, go to the temple, go shopping and on Sat. we went snorkeling with the other senior couples. We truly had a great time and made some super friends.

Church College of Fiji

Suva Fiji Temple

Tappoo City Shopping Mall, Suva, Fiji

Parrot fish

Interesting starfish

We've never seen so many different kinds of coral.

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