Monday, April 22, 2013


April 1, 2013
On the first Monday of each month we had combined P-day, which means the senior couples make a treat for all of the elders and sisters. Sister Bush purchased eggs and I boiled them and colored them and then we all brought cookies.  The American elders thought the colored eggs were fun, but all of the islanders could say is that they were different. 
The missionaries came about 2:00 played tennis, basketball, and volleyball, and ate all of the treats.  They left around 5:30.  They really are great kids and it is fun getting to know them and where home is. We only had the East Zone today as the West Zone was participating in a Stake activity for the holiday.  In the East Zone we have 4 Americans, 1 Australian, and the rest are islanders from Samoa, Fiji, and Kiribati.

Sister Kane (left) is from Kiribate, but Sister Tauteoli is Tongan, born and raised in Salt Lake.  She has decided her parents have denied her the island life. 

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