Saturday, April 6, 2013

Ocean Baptism

This took place in April, but just realized it had been left out.

Cutting the lock
From Elder Rasmussen: When we first arrived we were given keys to our flat; One for Sister Rasmussen and one for me. Only mine has more magic to it. It will take me almost anywhere I want to go on campus. After school hours I like to look around especially in the wood shop and the TVET lab. I have discovered if a machine stops working for some reason or another it will sit…..and sit……and sit until it is covered with rust. So sad.  About a week ago I opened a storage room which had several pieces of wood scraps, an outboard boat motor, and one of the largest bolt cutters I have ever seen. Thankfully, I remembered the bolt cutters because last evening we had a baptism at the Moroni Ward but the baptismal font was broken. They use sump pumps to drain the font and it was not working. So they decided to use the next best thing…..the ocean. Luckily, the tide was out and they knew where a nice lower spot was located to do the baptisms. Only, the gate was locked and the padlock was so rusty it wouldn’t budge. I ran and picked up the old, old, old, rusty bolt cutters and saved the day!! The gate is actually right behind our flat. Now we have a new lock on the gate and we have one of the keys. The front gate guards have the other.

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