Sunday, July 21, 2013

USS Pearl Harbor

Waiting in line
The island has been blessed to have the USS Pearl Harbor Humanitarian ship here this past week.  It anchored about a mile off shore and is using a transport to bring the sailors in each day.  They set up a medical clinic in Bariki to teach the people and provide a few services and goods. There were vets who provided information about diseases animals can get and carry, and they treated their dogs and pigs for worms and provided neutering services. There was also an ophthalmologist to check eyes as needed.  They gave out sunglasses to all and reading glasses to those older than 45 years.  They also had instruction on diet, diabetes, exercise, and washing their hands before preparing food and checked their blood pressure.  We were blessed to be able to hand out hygiene kits from LDS Charities to all of those who came through.  Although we were only there for one morning, the clinic lasted for four days with a constant line and many were turned away.  We enjoyed visiting with the officers and enlisted personnel who were there to help.  They were so pleased that the people wanted to learn how to better their lives.  The experience they’ve had in other islands is that the people just want the freebies but weren’t interested in learning.  One female soldier said she had never been to a place so hot and poor.   It was the spiritual uplift we needed for the week.  My heart was touched to see all of the good that was taking place.
Sister Tune translating

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