Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dai Nippon Primary School

Sister Youngberg greeting the children
On Wed. July 24 we were able to go with the Youngbergs (Humanitarian missionaries) to the Dai Nippon Primary School to watch an organization from the USS Pearl Harbor present school kits and hygiene kits to the students.  They travel throughout the Pacific and try to get to each country every couple of years.  After the few times we have spent putting together infant and hygiene kits it was a joy to be on the other end and seeing the faces of children who would receive them.  Later that evening the school hosted a cultural night for about thirty members of the ship’s crew.  There was dancing, singing, and of course lots of food.  

Grade 6 Dancing for the guests

Dancing with some of the troups

???, Bitiera, Maii, Turian, Leilani getting garlands ready for the guests

Sister Youngberg, Sister Bush, Sister Rasmussen, Sister Osborne,
Sister Weir (New mission president's wife), Sister Cassita

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