Saturday, November 9, 2013

Good-Bye Again

On Oct. 24 we said good-bye to Elder and Sister Edwards.  Their three month stay went by way to fast.  Elder Edwards accomplished a lot in the time they were here working diligently with the Seminary and Institute program and training the teachers. Sister Edwards worked closely with Marinoa and cataloging new books that had been donated to the library.  She also worked with Mary, the school counselor and interviewed most of the Form 7 students for their exit SSEOP. 

A week later on Oct. 31 we said good-bye to Elder and Sister Bush.  It was hard to see them go, but exciting for them knowing they have completed an honorable mission with a job well done.  The night we all had dinner together, I told them how impressed I was at how they interacted with the local members so well and the people truly came to love them.  Both the Buota and the Temwaiku wards gave them a “botaki” (party). They mentioned how leaving here is harder than leaving home.  When we leave home it’s only for 18 months.  When we leave here, we don’t know that we’ll ever                                                                                             see these people again in this life. 

A week later, on Nov. 8, we welcomed Elder and Sister Wall from Payson, UT.  He is a retired high school math teacher and she taught Kindergarten and third grade.  They will be working closely with the Robisons in ward and member support. They do not have the luxury of living on campus, but will be living in a two bedroom flat in Nanikai.  I truly admire their courage as they have no hot water and no internet.  The flat is only about 8 feet from our one crazy road, so they get a lot of dust and noise. The local neighbors around them are only a few feet away as well. 

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