Monday, November 18, 2013

President's Dinner Invite

President Beretitenti Anote Tong
On November 18, we were invited to attend a ceremony with the President of The Republic of Kiribati, Beretitenti Anote Tong, and the First Lady, Bernadette Meme Tong to meet and have a dinner with the Ambassadors of Brazil, Taiwan, and Morocco. All the senior couples and several missionaries were invited along with several American citizens who were to attend a ceremony honoring their fallen comrades during the bloody battle of Tarawa during the 2nd world war. The entertainment was fine and the food was ok. It was fun to watch the missionaries eat and eat and down about 2 cases of Coke. They couldn't get enough of it. Had it not been for all the missionaries who attended the event,  there would have been very few there.

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