Friday, May 10, 2013

Baby Gecko

Thursday, April 11, 2013
We had a baby gecko, about half the size of my pinkie finger, move into the bathroom about a week ago.  I first noticed him in the shower one morning and then every morning since he would just hang around in one of the corners. I decided that he just got lost and couldn’t find his way outside, but he wasn’t bothering us and hopefully he was eating a few mosquitoes.  However, this morning he was just a little too friendly and I decided it was time for him to go.  We put an old towel on the floor to step on when we get out of the shower and this morning he was on the towel and I almost stepped on him. I shooooed him off a couple of times but he kept crawling back on the towel right next to me.  That’s when I called Rich to try and catch him.  Although he was fast, Rich was successful and he is now outside where he belongs.

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