Friday, May 10, 2013

Moroni High School 37th Birthday

April 20, 2013  Moroni High School celebrated its 36th year.  Many of the alumni came and they participated in marching, dancing, and each group or graduating year represented shared a table of food. It was a delight to see and most of it was edible. 

These people can sing, dance, and eat for hours.  After being outside for four hours we decided to be done and came back to the house.  They celebrated with a dance for the older alumni on Fri. night and a dance for the younger alumni (under 40) on Sat. night. We were planning on going to the dance on Fri. night but the music is sooooooo loud and crazy it hurts our ears. Because we live right in the middle of this small campus, we often go to bed at night with loud music blaring from the tennis court or cultural hall.  However, I love it when they are singing their cultural songs or church songs. 

Fruits of the island

Fresh Red Snapper

When the students celebrated the next week they too danced, played games and ate ice cream. Ice Cream is an extreme treat here on the island at $25 per gallon.  In fact, one teacher leaned over to me and told me Moroni was the only school on the island that would pay to give their students ice cream.  So know that your tithing money went for a great cause this week. Yes it kids is tithing money that supports the Seminary and Institute programs, which is what we are here. The kids loved it. 

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  1. Brings back memories of those endless parties. Last year's anniversary was an all day affair. The senior couples were the judges of the food tables for each class. It was rather scary to taste.

    Steve Bonnemort