Sunday, October 6, 2013

Manners Dinner - Youth Conference

Relay - Setting a table
During a Family Home Evening we met with the students from Moroni and taught them how to use a knife, fork, spoon, and napkin.  They usually just sit on the ground and each with their hands. After the teaching we had a relay between the girls and the boys to see which group could get the place setting correct the fastest.  It was a fun evening in preparation for their manners dinner a few days later and youth conference the next week.  On the evening of the dinner, the Priests and the Laurels paired up and enjoyed a nice dinner prepared by the cafeteria cooks.  After dinner they enjoyed some dancing of Cha Cha and Swing taught to them by Elder and Sister Bush.

Manners Dinner

The next week was Youth Conference.  It consisted of both stakes  held on campus. It involved about 200-250 kids from Tarawa and the outer islands. Since this last week was the off week for students between terms it was an ideal venue for a youth conference. All the young girls stayed in the dorms and the young men stayed in various class rooms. It began on Wednesday and lasted until Saturday about noonish.It started every morning at 5:00 on the basketball court just outside our flat with morning aerobics.  One morning I decided just to join them instead of doing our typical morning walk.                    

Sitting on the ground, eating with hands

We were asked again to help with table manners and how to use a knife and fork and how to set up enough school desks and chairs and place settings for 90 Priests and Laurels. Well, over 100 showed up. The kitchen staff ran out of plates and had to use tin foil for plates. Plus, they actually did run out of food. There were lots of games and activities, like coconut husking and shredding contests. It was a fun week filled with activities and classes for all.

Morning Aerobics

Morning Aerobics

Coconut husking

Coconut Shredding

DJs playing loud music outside our door ALL four days!!!!

Classrooms were turned into sleeping quarters for the boys.


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