Saturday, October 5, 2013

Welcome, President and Sister Weir

President and Sister Shaw
In July we said good-bye to President and Sister Shaw and welcomed President and Sister Weir. Thank you President and Sister Shaw.  We've only met them a few times but were inspired by love of the mission and the missionaries and diligent service to us all. It's taken me three months to post a picture of them. Being on Kiribati, we are lucky if we get to see our mission president every few months.  I took some pictures the first time they came in July but they weren't very good, and was able to take some more a couple of weeks ago.  President and Sister Weir are from Salt Lake City and have 10 children.  His career was spent in the military, and since retiring he has sold helicopters for various companies, most recently for Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation in the Middle East. They have lived in Middle East for the most part of the last 10 years.  President Weir speaks at least four languages that we are aware of; English, German, French and Farsi (Iraq), In the three months he has been here, his focus is on the outer islands and the island of Neru, which is another small island country in our mission. We can already see the results as traveling zone leaders, Elder Mikelsen and Elder Hossler, have been sent to the island Maiana.  Not only are they rescuing members already there but they are busy sharing the gospel with many others, besides the fact that they have to build  grass hut to live in.  Two more elders have also been sent who will stay for a longer period of time as the traveling zone leaders will move to another location. It's been reported that last Sunday in Maiana, 50 investigators came to Sacrament meeting and twelve have set their baptismal date. President Weir has a vision of strengthening and expanding the membership and priesthood in the Marshall Islands Majuro Mission.

President and Sister Weir

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  1. Thanks for keeping a blog where we can learn about our son's mission area. It is wonderful to learn about the people he works with and the traditions and customs of the Kiribati people.-Bro. and Sis. Raisor