Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Open Day

Wearing of the cultural tibuta (sibuta or blouse)
Friday, Aug. 30 (Yes, I'm behind in blogging.) was the last day of the second term and it is customary to have a huge celebration.  The students showed their parents around the campus and in the cultural hall students and teachers danced and performed some skits.  They also auctioned some of the items the students had made in Kiribati studies like fish nets, hammocks, and woven baskets.  After lunch each house team (Brigham Young, Joseph Smith, etc.) marched and sang for everyone.  They had sack races, coconut husking and shredding contests, tug-a-war, and wrestling contests, and of course the displaying of the local foods.  It was a fun day.  I love watching the faculty and kids have so much fun with such simple pleasures of life.

Cultural dances and singing

Auctioning a student made fish net

Sack races

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