Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Good Bye - Hello

Elder and Sister Rasmussen, Elder and Sister Osboren

Elder and Sister Osborne arrived in May and were in Kiribati for three months.  Their calling was with the Technical, Vocational, Education Program at Moroni High School.  Elder Osborne was the director of Davis Area Technical College for many years and Sister Osborne was a Home Ec and Special Ed teacher.  They spent their time cleaning and preparing the TVET programs for the new curriculum which will begin January 2014. They completed their 23 month mission on Aug. 1, 2013.

Elder and Sister Edwards arrived on Aug. 8.  Brother Edwards is a retired Seminary & Institute Area Director.  Their calling is to work with all of the seminary teachers in the secondary schools in the Pacific.  They will be with us till Oct. 24 and then will travel to Tonga.
Elder and Sister Robison are a newly wed couple of one year from Idaho. 
They will be working with member/leader support.
We are excited to have these new couples to add to the talent and priesthood strength here in Kiribati.

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