Sunday, September 8, 2013


A couple of weeks ago Elder Edwards came over and asked if he could borrow a mouse trap.  All we had is the one Rich has caught crabs with so we gave that to him. He said they have large (maybe a rat) droppings on their bathroom counter and in their shower when they get up in the morning.  Their bathroom windows will not shut all the way and they have a hole in their screen. Then while Sister Edwards was taking a shower she noticed a chunk from their bar of soap had been eaten with teeth marks to show for it.  She then realized that a mouse (rat) was eating their soap.  The Bishop saw our small mouse trap and said that will never do and gave them a rat cage which they loaded with cheese.  Within a few hours, they had at least an 8 inch rat with a tail longer than that. SICK!!!  The Bishop gave them a bucket to drown him and over the sea wall he went. I’d definitely make sure the window and screen were repaired. Within a few days they had caught four rats and sent them to the sea.
Every morning the next week, Mary, our counselor, whose office is next to ours, would open her door to a mess.  Rat droppings everywhere, they had eaten her plant, knocked things off her desk, and scratched the new door terribly trying to escape. We thought they might be coming in from the small hole in the ceiling where a pipe goes through. Last night Rich went over to the office around 9:00 and shined a flashlight through the window.  He could see two rats.  Again the next morning there was another mess.  He thought maybe they were still in there and just can’t get out.  A few hours later Lita saw one sitting on the ledge near the ceiling and tried to coax it down with a broom. All of a sudden it was chaos with three women shut in that small office trying to catch the two rats running all over.  They succeeded!! Yeah!  It added to our excitement for the day and the rat population is now down by two more.


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