Sunday, September 8, 2013

Youth Conference

Sept. 4-7 (Yes, I'm still catching up.) We had a twin stake youth conference held on campus. It involved about 200-250 kids from Tarawa and the outer islands. Since this last week was the off week for students between terms it was an ideal venue for a youth conference. All the young girls stayed in the dorms and the young men stayed in various class rooms. It began on Wednesday and lasted until Saturday about noonish.  Each morning began at 5am with aerobic exercises on the basketball court right outside our front door and the dancing and games didn't end till 10:30pm.We were asked again to help with table manners and how to use a knife and fork. We set up enough school desks and chairs to create place settings for 90 Laurels and Priests. Well, over 100 showed up. The kitchen staff ran out of plates and had to use tin foil for plates. Plus, they actually did run out of food.  The loud music became so exhausting for us we visited the other couples at the far east end of the campus just to have a break from the noise. 

5:00 AM Aerobics

Coconut husking relay

Coconut shredding relay

Classrooms turned into sleeping rooms for the boys

Our never ending music supply

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